Usha Anandi

Dec 20, 2023

EP 158: A Simple Bitch's Guide To Connecting With Your Cycle, Resting When You're Tired & Nourishing Your Hot Bod

Here at Honeydew Me, we are first and foremost ✨simple bitches✨. So when we're connecting with our bodies, we're looking for simple, no b******t tips. That's why we're talking with Usha Anandi, a holistic nutritionist, herbalist, yoga teacher and founder of Womben Wellness, WHO JUST GETS IT.
We cover:

  • Realistic practices for connecting with your body and your cycle (aka you don't have to overhaul your entire life)
  • Why you should definitely give a fuck about connecting with your body
  • Why rest is SO important and how to stop feeling guilty about it
  • Ways to nourish and move your body while supporting your womb
  • Where to start without getting overwhelmed

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