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At Honeydew Me, we aim to cultivate sexual wellness by normalizing experiences, nurturing confidence and building connections. We aren’t experts, but we know that we aren’t the only one’s with questions, insecurities and a desire to grow. Our guests are where we turn to receive the answers and advice that we believe our community has been craving. Our goal is always to leave listeners laughing, ready to explore what they learned, and feeling worthy of love and pleasure.

Emma Norman

Emma’s interest in sexual pleasure & body love began in college when she moved to a small town in Southern Oregon. Her mind was opened to many diverse studies and she found a passion for sexual wellness & exploration. During college Emma also developed a love for working with at-risk youth and recognized the need for a space that youth, especially young women, can connect to learn & empower one another. Wanting to find a way to merge the two and continue a conversation around sexuality and body empowerment, is what inspired Emma to co-create Honeydew Me. Emma still lives in the PNW enjoying Oregon’s amazing supply of craft beer, playing with her four legged fur-child, Malone, and working at Barre3.


Cass Anderson

Cass’ curiosity and passion for sex positive education are what drove her to co-create Honeydew Me. Cass spent the majority of her undergraduate career researching the stigmatization of menstruation and learning about the ways in which our sexuality education system has failed us. She soon realized that far too many people, herself included, feel shame surrounding their bodies and all of the totally magical things they do! She believes that we deserve better.

Cass has worked in social services and research for the past four years. She is currently trying her best to be an adult with her fiancé and rescued hound dog, Copper!


Everyone deserves to have great sex, feel good in their bodies and love themselves.

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