Amy & April

Nov 08, 2023

EP 152: How To Puss Yourself Out There & Get What You Want

Ready to put your self OUT THERE? We thought so. Cue Amy and April, hosts of Shameless Sex Podcast and authors of the upcoming book "Shameless Sex: Choose Your Own Pleasure Path". We're unpacking HOW to puss yourself out there and get what you want both in the bedroom and beyond.
We cover:

  • What it means to put yourself out there and how to get started
  • How to put yourself out there when you're single AND in a long term relationship
  • Where to find people to date or just bang
  • Pick up lines and initiating flirtatious conversations
  • Navigating and accepting rejection
  • Bringing back the spice to a long term relationship
  • Small ways to put yourself out there throughout the day

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