Haylin Belay

Nov 01, 2023

EP 151: Entitled and Indulgent Foreplay

This month at Honeydew Me, we're learning how to put ourselves out there or, as we like to say, how to PUSS ourselves out there. We're starting off with the juiciest lesson on foreplay and initiation with none other than Haylin Belay. Haylin is a sexual health educator, bodyworker, and pleasure witch who is ready to CHANGE YOUR DAMN LIFE
We cover:

  • Expanding your definition of foreplay
  • How to turn yourself ON
  • Understanding the phases of sexual arousal and USING that to your advantage
  • How to feel ENTITLED to your needs
  • How to make communication feel ✨sexy✨
  • Low-stakes ways to initiate sex
  • How to engage in foreplay ALL DAY

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