Dr. Liz Powell

Sept 6, 2023

EP 143: Polyamory: How To Elevate Your Sex, Relationships, & Life By Unlocking Your Slutty Heart

First up in our non-monogamy series we’re covering POLYAMORY… because WTF is it and would you ever be into it? That’s what we’re exploring in this episode with sex educator and therapist, Dr. Liz Powell.
We chat about:

  • What polyamory is and what it isn’t (aka all the things we get wrong when we think about polyamory)
  • Why we need to be examining the “relationship scripts” we’re given to figure out what we actually want
  • What the BENEFITS of polyamory are
  • What polyamorous relationships can look like
  • How sex can work in polyamorous relationships
  • Boundaries, rules and COMMUNICATION

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