Gina Gutierrez

June 01, 2023

EP 142: How To Explore Your Fantasies & Level Up Your Partnered and Solo Sex

We’re diving HEAD first into fantasies with Gina Gutierrez, the Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder of Dipsea (aka our fav audio erotica app)!
We chat about:

  • How to start incorporating fantasy into your sex life
  • Navigating fantasies wile you’re in a relationship
  • What to do if fantasizing doesn’t come easily to you
  • What to do when something you DON’T like pops into your fantasy (and why this happens)
  • What people typically fantasize about (according to the data)
  • Where our fantasies come from
  • The tools and benefits we gain from fantasizing
  • Our favorite Dipsea stories

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