Danielle Bezalel

May 10, 2023

EP 139: The Sex Ed You Never Got: Masturbation, Plan B & Porn

We’re chatting with sex educator Danielle Bezalel and closing some BIG OL’ knowledge gaps (courtesy of the s****y sex ed we got growing up).
We chat about:

  • If using vibrators makes it harder to orgasm without one
  • How much masturbation is TOO MUCH
  • How early people typically start masturbating and when to start talking about masturbation with kids
  • Emergency contraceptive 101
  • Can you take TOO MANY Plan B’s?
  • Navigating porn use in a relationship
  • Feeling in competition with porn
  • If sex should EVER hurt and reasons why it does
  • De-centering penetration in partnered sex

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