Myisha Battle

Feb 1, 2023

EP 126: The Secret To FUN, Guilt Free Hookups

THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN… and by “this” we mean sex, hookups, dating, ALL OF IT. Cue Myisha Battle, a sex and dating coach who quite literally wrote the book on finding the fun in all of it. We decided to deep dive into hookups (obvs) and chatted about…

  • Deciding what we want from sex
  • Finding your sexual values
  • How to find hookups (both on the apps and off)
  • What’s the deal with “chemistry”?
  • The benefits of hookups
  • How to make hookups as fun as possible
  • “I’m not that into you, but damn I wanna bang…”
  • How to say what you’re into AND what you want in the moment

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