Nov. 16, 2022

EP 115: You're Toxic, Now What?

This interview CHANGED OUR LIVES and our relationships because it turns out… we might be a little toxic (yep, that means you too). So let’s talk about it with Emmalee Bierly, LMFT and Jennifer Chaiken, LMFT of Shrink Chicks. We’re unpacking and working through a whole lot, including:

  • What it actually means to be “toxic”
  • Anti-relational and dysfunctional behaviors
  • The difference between a feeling and an emotion
  • Common ways we react that aren’t our best selves
  • Feeling like your “better” at relationships than your partner
  • When your partner shuts down or doesn’t have a reaction
  • Exit language during a fight and what to say instead
  • Taking accountability aka “what part do I play in this?”
  • Your partner is NOT a mind reader... even if you want them to be
  • Asking for what we need and what gets in the way
  • When you secretly love feeling like the victim
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