Victoria Albina

Nov. 9, 2022

EP 114: Friends & Sex: How Our Friendships Impact Intimacy, Sex, & Everything Else

Here at Honeydew Me, we came to the realization that our friendships have DEEPLY impacted our sex lives... so let's talk about it. One of our absolute favorite humans, Victoria Albina, NP, MPH, is back on the pod and we are DIVING into the relationship between friends and sex. We chat about..

  • How friendship and sex are related
  • Emotional outsourcingv
  • Intimacy in relationshipsv
  • Getting your friends' opinions: good or bad idea?v
  • Gossip vs well-intentioned sharing
  • Is there such a thing as sharing TOO MUCH?
  • When your partner doesn't want you sharing ✨intimate✨ details
  • Do you need strong friendships to have strong relationships?
  • Having sex WITH your friends
  • How to find friends
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