Dr. Jennifer Lincoln

Sept 28, 2022

EP 108: Birth Control 101: Know Your Options & Ditch The Myths

THE Dr. Jennifer Lincoln is on the pod and ready to talk ALL things birth control. We chat about:

  • Common myths and misconceptions (i.e. infertility, negative health impacts etc)
  • Whether "hormone balancing" is legit and if "hormone imbalances" are the cause of all your issues
  • WHY we tend to demonize birth control
  • Types of birth control methods (hormonal vs non hormonal)
  • Plan B: what it is, how to use it & when to use it
  • What actually is an abortion and what are the types of abortions
  • REALLY COOL FREE RESOURCES like Bedsider and a very special little giveaway we're doing with them

GIVEAWAY INSTRUCTIONS : Bedsider gifted us a big 'ol box of swag, so obviously we're doing a giveaway. All you have to do is share THIS episode to your Instagram story (or grid) and TAG US (@honeydewmepodcast). Giveaway closes October 7th 2022. Can only ship within the US.

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