Victoria Albina

Sept 7, 2022

EP 105: Answering Your Questions: People Pleasing, Toxic Traits, & Fear Of Cheating

Victoria Albina, NP, MPH is BACK and this time she’s answering YOUR questions about codependency, relationships, and sex.

  • Mismatched libidos/li>
  • Having your own back & showing up for your needs/li>
  • What to do if you’re partner isn’t following through/li>
  • People pleasing/li>
  • Understanding what your intuition is telling you/li>
  • Fear of being cheated on/li>
  • Supporting a partner with depression, while supporting yourself/li>
  • Trying to justify a partner’s toxic behavior/li>
  • The “why don’t we just break up then” come back during fights

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