Ella Dawson

March 09, 2022

EP 79. Doing It With Herpes... Because You Probably Will

Ella Dawson, a sex and culture critic, is here to help us break down the stigma around doing it with herpes… because the thing is, you probably will. Over two thirds of the population is herpes positive (PSA: cold sores are herpes), but we aren’t talking about it, we rarely test for it (it isn’t included in a standard STI panel), and it can start to feel like a big, scary, faceless thing. We’re here to tell you that IT’S NOT A BIG DEAL, it’s totally manageable, and that everyone with a positive diagnosis can still have amazing sex. No matter who you are or what diagnosis you do or don't have, we highly recommend tuning in, learning up, and giving yourself ALL the well-deserved pleasure.

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