Violet C

March 02, 2022

EP 78. Aftercare: F*ck Me Hard, Then Tell Me You Love Me

POV: You just got railed and aren't sure if you should just go about your day or cuddle or... Well, we've got answers and pretty much all of them are AFTERCARE. Aftercare might not sound like the sexiest thing, but trust us when we say it will CHANGE YOUR SEX LIFE. Violet C is here to share all the best tips and tricks for creating a bomb ass aftercare routine. Turns out, aftercare is RIDICULOUSLY important when it comes to building the pleasurable and satisfying sex life you deserve. And if you're someone who's thinking "but I don't want to seem too needy," we've got you covered because here at Honeydew Me we firmly believe that having needs is SUPER F*CKING COOL. So press play and get to lovin' on yourself.

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