Ev'Yan Whitney

Jan 19, 2022

EP 72 How To Use Sensuality To Have The Best Sex Of Your Life

It's time for a little SENSUAL seduction... but here's the thing, sensuality probably doesn't mean what you think it does. In this episode we're talking with sexuality doula, sex educator, and sensualist Ev'Yan Whitney and when we say that this is the kind of stuff that can change your life WE FREAKIN MEAN IT. Your solo sex sesh will never be the same after Ev'Yan walks us through how to tap into our sensuality; even while using sex toys. We also cover partnered play and how you can take steps towards creating an AMAZING sex life while watching Netflix on the couch (sounds too good to be true right?! It's not.)

We also chat about:
  • • WHY you should tap into your sensuality
  • • Concrete steps for connecting to your sensuality
  • • Slowing down (it's v important and Ev'Yan breaks it down SO WELL)
  • • Ev'Yan's new book

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