Dr. Heather Bartos

Jan 12, 2022

EP 71 Nipplegasms 101: Everything You Need To Know To Play with Your Nips

If you aren’t playing with your nips, you better get ready to start because Dr. Heather Bartos is here and she has ALL the tips we never knew we needed. We start out with some normalization, because YOUR NIPS ARE NORMAL, before diving into all the very specific ways to start stimulating your lovely little lumps. From mouth stuff, to hand stuff, we’ve got ya covered and let’s just say a nipple orgasm could definitely be in your future.

We also chat about:
  • • How people of ALL genders can have nipple orgasms
  • • Incorporating lube, hot wax, and ice
  • • Combo moves (the ‘ol one, two; the ‘ol razzle dazzle)

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