Allison Moon

Dec 15, 2021

EP 67: How to Fingerbang Like a Pro

It's time to get handsy… or at least finger-y? Allison Moon, a sex educator and author of the book Girl Sex 101, is here to give us all the tips and tricks we need to become fingerbanging experts. We chat about technique, positions, strokes, misconceptions AND SO MUCH MORE. You can expect to get a good grasp on the basics, along with a few intermediate and advanced moves to really up your (or your partner’s) fingering game.

We also chat about:
  • • Anatomy (you gotta know what you’re touching in order to touch it well)
  • • Incorporating oral
  • • What it feels like to finger someone
  • • Fingering for people with scrotums (aka muffing)

From Allison:

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