Anne More

Dec 1, 2021

EP 66 Kink For Nice People Like You

This week we’re redefining kink with Anne More, a Conscious Kink Coach, Somatic Sexologist, and all-around SUPERSTAR. Turns out you don't need a bunch of fancy toys or the confidence to act out a complicated scenario; Anne is here to give us all the deets on what we can do instead. You can expect ACCESSIBLE, APPROACHABLE, and SPICY ways to start exploring your kinky side. We cover a bunch of ways to get kinky (as always you can expect specific examples) AND spend some extra time diving into bondage and rope play.

We also chat about:
  • • Finding toys around the house (AKA "pervertibles")
  • • Alternatives to dom/sub dynamic
  • • Container setting
  • • Kink myths

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