Rae McDaniel

Nov 10, 2021

EP 63 How To Stop Limiting Yourself In The Bedroom and F*ck The Way You Want

Here's what we're not gonna do... "should" on ourselves when it comes to sex. Your pleasure is LIMITLESS, so it's high time to stop limiting ourselves. Rae McDaniels, a therapist and gender coach who specializes in working with trans and non-binary folks, is here to give us all the juicy deets on how. From degendering sex acts, to finding pleasure in a body we want to change, this episode is FULL of shame-busting secrets for any and everyone.

We also chat about:

  • • Gender freedom, scripts, and deconstructing gender norms
  • • Sex toys for sexual affirmation
  • • Body neutrality
  • • Feminine and masculine energies... what's the real deal?



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