Francesca Hogi

April 14, 2021

EP 33. Find Someone You Love (To Bang) with Francesca Hogi

We’ve talked A LOT about sex, but this week we’re doing something a little different and talking about how to find someone to have sex with... AKA dating. Francesca Hogi is a love coach with all the wisdom and advice we wish we had when we were 15, but hey, better late than never. We dive into mindset (spoiler alert it’s v important), red flags, how to know if someone is “the one,” and of course we couldn’t help but talk about our one true love, SEX. If you’re ready to have your world rocked and your dating life reinvigorated, you better hit play because this is a game changer Honey.


We also talk about...
  • Franny's Puke Test
  • Dating during COVID
  • How rejection isn't real
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