Dr. Shannon Chavez

October 28, 2020

Ep.008 - Sexual Communication and Getting What You Need with Dr. Shannon Chavez

Despite how much we talk, your hosts are NOT communication pros, especially when it comes to sex. In this episode, we talk with Dr. Shannon Chavez, a Psychologist, Sex Therapist, and Sexual Health Expert who is ready to help you talk the damn talk. We explore all the sexual communication skills you need in order to have the fun, kinky, and consensual sex you DESERVE. Asking for what you want, exploring new "places," and working through those pesky fears will be a breeze after you've given this episode a listen. Okay, maybe not a *breeze*, but definitely easier!



We also explore:
  • What sex therapy is
  • What to do if you're uncomfortable talking about sex
  • If there's such a thing as being too honest
  • Mutual masturbation… (your hosts were blushing at this point)
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