Tyomi Morgan

February 3, 2021

Ep.023 Ride 'Em Cowgirl with Tyomi Morgan

Saddle up, Honey, because we're getting ready to ride! Tyomi Morgan, AKA Glamazon Tyomi, is a certified Sexologist, Pleasure Coach, and Cowgirl expert. We start off with the basics of being on top and how to become the confident rider you're destined to be. If this isn't your first rodeo, no worries, we also learn how to take this sex position to the next level and leave your partner (and yourself) *whimpering* for more. Despite the name, cowgirl position is for EVERYONE (including queer couples), so grab your partner and get ready to say "YEEEHAAWW."



We also talk about...
  • Becoming d!ck assassins
  • Positions and strokes
  • What about my butthole?! and other common concerns
  • Sign up for the Cowgirl Workout HERE!
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