Marla Renee

January 13, 2021

Ep.020 Seduction and Foreplay with Marla Renee Stewart

Are you INCREDIBLE at foreplay? A master of seduction? No? Us either… but not to worry, your sex life is about to get a major upgrade with the help of one Marla Renee Stewart. Marla is a sexologist, sex strategist, and pleasure activist with a special talent for communication and seduction. In this episode, we talk about discovering your seduction style, finding spicy ways to initiate sex (because let's be honest "wanna have sex" isn't cutting it anymore), and how to get out of that damn foreplay rut. Hope your ready to become the badass seductress you've always wanted to be, because this episode is your first step!



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We also talk about...
  • How long foreplay should be
  • Secret sexy code words
  • Overcoming rejection
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