Aubrey Wall

January 06, 2021

Ep.019 Resolutions are Bullsh*t with Aubrey Wall

New Year, New You? We call BULLSH*T, because you're already amazing! The start of a new year does not mean you have to start a new diet, a new exercise plan, or any other new thing that promises you a "bikini body" by June (hint: if you have a body and a bikini, you already have one). This episode is for anyone who has ever set a New Year's resolution to change their body (your hosts sure have). Aubrey Wall, a Body Image and Confidence Coach, is here to walk us through cultivating a positive relationship with fitness and how to rework our resolutions for a truly healthy year.



We also talk about...
  • Finding positive motivation
  • How we use diets as our identities
  • Skinny (diarrhea) teas
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