Antuanette Gomez

October 7, 2020

Ep.005 - Cannabis and Yoni Magic with Antuanette Gomez

Cannabis, crystals, and yoni steams: just a few of the MAGICAL topics we cover in this episode. Antuanette Gomez, a BADASS GODDESS, is the founder and CEO of Pleasure Peaks, a cannabis company dedicated to improving sexual health and promoting pleasure. We talk about all the ways cannabis can help you have better sex, feel good in your body, and help you connect to that divine, erotic energy you’ve been missing out on. If you're cannabis curious or simply wanting to dip your toe into alternative health and wellness, then this is your episode, my dear.

Antuanette also hosts the Pleasure Talks podcast which we highly recommend if you enjoy this episode… and we’re pretty damn sure you will.



We also explore:
  • Maximizing pleasure
  • Chronic pain and some possible solutions
  • Lube, suppositories and other ways to use cannabis
  • CBD
  • Yoni eggs and yoni steaming

***This episode should not be taken as medical advice. Please engage in practices at your own risk.***

TW: Mention of sexual assault at 29:18-29:28 and 34:45-34:54

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