Hannah Rachael

September 30, 2020

Ep.004 - You are Sexy with Hannah Rachael

You want to be on top? *cue America’s Next Top Model music* Well this episode could be your first step to feeling confident and sexy as hell. Hannah Rachael a boudoir and EMPOWERMENT photographer joins us to talk all about her work, the power of feeling sexy, and how to start embracing that beautiful body of yours. If self-love and feeling good in your body are something you struggle with (because your hosts sure do), this is a fun introduction to starting or continuing the work.

***While most of Hannah’s clients are women, ANYONE can have a boudoir shoot and the tips in this episode apply to all, which Hannah talks about later in the episode!***



We also talk about:
  • What boudoir/empowerment photography is
  • Embracing your whole self and steps to start
  • Kicking negative self-talk to the curb
  • NUDES and DIY boudoir shoots
  • TikTok Censorship and why it SUCKS
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